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Small talk – Part 2 – French Beginner’s Course

Small talk - Part 2 - French Beginner’s Course small talk

Learn how to ask any question in French, and how to use the present tense. This lesson is a follow up on 'Small talk - Part 1'.

Semaine 30

This is the last lesson of the last unit of our FRENCH ETC, beginner’s course for the French traveler, although there’s going to be a review unit next post.

In part one of ‘Small talk’ you got to practice a small talk conversation. You’ve learned how to say ‘Je viens de New York’ – I come from New York and to ask a question such as ‘Comment s’appellent-ils ?’‘What are their names?

Today, we are going over how to ask all kinds of questions in French, and we are closing up that big can of worms that is the present tense in French.

In the companion worksheet – 40 pages

  • how to ask any question in French
  • let’s finish the review of the present tense
    • verbs in -IR
    • verbs in -OIR
    • verbs in -RE
    • irregular Verbs

    Practice and answers

Text excerpt – transcribe it before reading and compare with the worksheet

Translate into French

  • I’m coming tomorrow.
  • I don’t understand.
  • I am finishing the cake.
  • We sleep well here.

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2 comments to Small talk – Part 2 – French Beginner’s Course

  • Tracy

    How do I download the companion worksheets? Thank you.

  • Bonjour Tracy,
    Thanks for asking about how to download the worksheets to learn more French today.
    As a member, you may click on the picture that says “Espace Membre” or on “Continue here” at the bottom of the post.
    That will lead you – if you are logged in as a member – to the whole set of worksheets.
    I hope that helps,



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