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Small Talk – Part 1 – French Beginner’s Course

Small Talk - Part 1 - French Beginner’s Course

Learn how to break the ice, chat about the weather, and French phrases, making small talk to get to know the French

Semaine 29

Today, we are chitchatting, making small talk and getting to know other people. The French call it ‘Parler de la pluie et du beau temps’ - as ‘To talk about rain and nice weather’, which we’ll translate as ‘Small Talk’ . Henri gets to know Walter in the hotel lobby. After they mention the weather – a must in breaking the ice, they ask each other where they live, where they are from, they ask about their families, spouses and children and what they do for living. They end up finding they are quite fond of each other and decide to go and have a drink to get more acquainted. This is a typical small-talk conversation, such as the one you might want to have when you are in France. So get going, and make progress in French.

In the companion worksheet – 11 pages

  • translation
  • about the word AUJOURD’HUI
  • the weather
  • French family vocabulary
  • occupations in French
  • practice

Text excerpt – transcribe it and compare

Parler de la pluie et du beau temps

W - Ah salut. Ça va ? Vous êtes Henri ?
H - Ça va. Oui, je suis Henri. Vous êtes Walter, vous êtes américain



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