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Time Directions Transportation – French Beginner’s Course

Time Directions Transportation – French Beginner’s Course

telling time in french

Quartier de l'horloge à Paris

Time Directions Transportation – Part 3 – French Beginner’s Course. How do you tell time in French? What’s the 24-hour clock system? How do you ask for directions? What are transportation Learn French with Anne.

Semaine 24

Time Directions Transportation

This is a review of time, directions and transportation. Review how to say ‘it’s three fifteen’ and ‘How can I get to Le Louvre Museum’.

L’heure, le chemin et les transports

Aujourd’hui, nous révisons l’heure, le chemin et les transports. Révisez comment dire « Il est trois heures quinze » et « Excusez-moi, il y a un métro pour Le Louvre ? »

In the companion worksheet – 4 pages

  • text
  • translation
  • review on telling time
  • review on asking for directions
  • review using public transportation in France

Worksheet excerpt

What time is it?
Il est quelle heure ?
Il est une heure.
What time is it?
It’s one o’clock.
Il est quelle heure ?
Il est trois heures ….


Continue here with the companion worksheet

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