Present tense – Verbs like VIVRE – Formation

french manor, vivre

Il vit dans un manoir en Bretagne.

Verbs like VIVRE – Present tense

How do French verbs like VIVRE work?

For verbs like VIVRE, take off the –VRE off the infinitive form – not just the –RE – to get the root. Note the –V in the plural forms.

  • je/j’ (I) –s
  • tu (you sing.) –s
  • elle (she) –t
  • il (he) –t
  • on (we inf.) –t
  • nous (we form.) –vons
  • vous (you pl.) –vez
  • ils (they m.) –vent
  • elles (they f.) –vent
je vis
tu vis
elle vit
il/ça vit
on vit
nous vivons
vous vivez
ils vivent
elles vivent

In context

  1. Il vit dans un manoir en Bretagne. .... He lives  in a manor in Brittany.
  2. Ils vivent là.  .... They live there.



Verbs in this category for you to remember

  1. poursuivre .... to pursue
  2. s’ensuivre .... to come after, as a conséquence
  3. suivre .... to follow, to take a class
  4. survivre .... to survive
  5. vivre  .... to live some place

Other rules for the present tense in French

Full French conjugations

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